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About BSE

Blue Sapphire Entertainment is one of the Canada's leading Entertainment Company, organizing South Asian Stage Shows and Distributing Malayalam Movies in Canada. BSE has been created with an objective of promoting culture through diversity and entertainment to produce strong genets of verity and Theatrical talents and international performing phenomena BSE stands for its values, quality and ethical standers in its entertainment Projects.

Our Vision

To become the world’s leading entertainment and media company from the emerging markets. As a corporation, we will be driven by innovation, creativity and we would focus on our growth while delivering exceptional value to our audience. Our success can be measured by the satisfaction achieved by viewers.

BSE Malayalam Tv

BSE recently announced North America's first Malayalam Channel, "BSE Malayalam TV" in association with "TET" to entertain and give visual treat to the largest Malayalam community North America. Our mission is to become a top broadcaster in North America and overseas for South Asian content.

BSE Charity Program

BSE also started a charity program called "SMIEL" in 2016 with the intention of providing succor to the depressed, distributed and downtrodden in our society. We believe that together we can make a huge difference. To fulfill this, BSE provide a part of our profit to help human beings who are under privileged in our society without caste, colure or creed.

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