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BSE has announced its dream project 'TISFA'- Toronto International South-Asian Film Awards which is intended to acknowledge the best works of South Asian film industry to the film lovers. Canada is going to witness the most awaiting South- Asian Film Awards in May 2019. Unlike others, BSE is using the voting system as well as the panel of prominent juries to decide various categories of awards for both Tamil& Malayalam movies that were released from January 2017 to December 2017. Ajeesh Rajendran, CEO of BSE, said that TISFA will be a big platform for all the new artists and technicians in the film industry and the method of proposing awards through nomination and subsequent voting will be the first of its kind in North America which will filter the best. The nomination category will include Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi movies (with subtitles). The nominations are also invited for South-Asian language short-films shot only in the USA and Canada. We are committed to treating everyone with respect, dignity and fairness and will take steps to welcome people from all backgrounds.

BSE had announced the winner, for the year 2017, during a press club conference held at cochin on June 16 -2018 and was supposed to conduct the award show in October 2018 at Toronto. Due to unforeseen flood in kerala and subsequent damages , everyone was deeply affected in one or the way. Being a responsible community here , we also took part in kerala rebuilding process and thus had to postponed the event for some time. It was the weather change in Toronto after the October that we have finally decided to conduct the award night on May 18-2019.

Previous Events

Previous Events

Santa 2019

BSE organized a South Asian cultural event as part of Christmas celebrations in Scarborough. The event was called “SANTA” which was a musical dance event with DJ and Dinner Gala.