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After the succees of Dileep Show in 2017, BSE announced our next show in May 2018. This will be another unforgettable event for Canadians who love dance, music and culture. This time, BSE is bringing this amazing performance all over Canada.Padmasrishobana’s ‘Trance’ show is a quest to present Indian performing traditions in a collage of rhythm, a kaleidoscope of colours, sensual poetry and traditional Bharatnatyam. The ever-evolving mythology of Siva, the avatars of Vishnu, Mary Magdalene among other streams of consciousness is re-contextualized in a form rich in movement and visual imagery. Complimented by a sonic fabric ranging from Indian classical to electronic music for audiences to be regaled and transported into the primordial state of being in Trance. Trance will be undoubtedly a mesmerizing experience for all Canadians.

Tisfa 2018 – Toronto International South Asian Film award

Tisfa will be one of the biggest and the most awaiting south Asian Film Awards in Canada. Unlike others, using voting system and the panel of prominent judges decide the different categories of awards for Tamil & Malayalam movies releasing from January 2017 to December 2018. BSE announced Toronto is going to witness the first Tisfa awards in September 2018. More details coming soon.

Previous Events

Previous Events

Dileep Show 2017

Dileep Show 2017 will be the biggest malayalam show in North America. this programmed directed by "Nadirsha", a versatile artist, well-known comedian, music composer and director in Malayalam.